VIDALAB offers personal and spirtual growth events

More and more humans are feeling the call to serve a purpose bigger than themselves.

VIDALAB is for pioneers, innovators, spiritual seekers and curious beings who want to explore and heal the depths of their souls to build the inner peace that brings a new dream, paradigm and reality to earth.

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Optimized women workshop - berlin June 20th 2020

  • release our stress of trying to live in a linear manner

  • do things better

  • do things quicker

  • do things outside of our normal skillset and expectations

  • grow and evolve in new directions

  • feel whole and complete – who we are meant to be

  • easily meet our needs and create wellbeing

An ‘Optimized Woman’ is a woman who lives her life in harmony with her cycle applying the ‘optimised’ energies and skillsets that appear in each phase to her life to create increased well-being and fulfilment, to realise her dreams and life-goals, and to enhance her work performance and work satisfaction.

In our menstrual cycle we have days where we have enhanced thinking skills and heightened abilities. These ‘optimised days’ not only empower us to do particular activities and tasks quicker, easier and better but they also give us access to talents that we never knew we had.

In the modern masculine world we women have a unique performance tool which can when applied can make us more versatile, creative and productive in the workplace. This tool is also our key to reducing stress, creating well-being and becoming more fulfilled in our lives. The name of this tool? The menstrual cycle.

Based on Miranda Gray’s book ‘The optimized Woman’ this workshop changes the way women think about their work whether they work for an employer or work for themselves, whether they work for a small company, a big organisation or a multinational corporate, whether they are a worker, a manager or even a member of the Board.

Vida: from the Costa Rican term Pura Vida which for us stands for the vitality and uniqueness in every being.

Lab: we serve as a "Laboratory" to bring out your essence and help you walk in life shining in your authenticity by purifying yourself.

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